Concrete technology

Concrete technology
Concrete technology : The branch of Civil Engineering which deals with the fundamental principles of concrete, is known as Concrete Technology.

In this subject We will Learn:

Properties of concrete in plastic state, Properties of concrete in hardedned state, Advantage of concrete, Disadvantage of concrete, Ingredients of concrete,cement aggregate and water,Types of cement,Important properties of various types of cement.,Physical tests of cement,Effect of water cement ratio on the strength of concrete,water cement ratio,workability,factors affecting the workability,methods to determine the workability of concrete,slump test,compaction factor test,Vee-bee Consistometer,Good qualities of an ideal aggregate,classification of aggregate.

Following types of cement are generally used for various types of structures :

  1. Ordinary Portland cement.
  2. Luw heat cement
  3. Rapid hardening foreland cement
  4. Blast-furnace slag cement
  5. Sulphate resistant cement
  6. Air entraining cement
  7. White and coloured cement.

In addition to above, the following types of cements are also available :

  1. High alumina cement
  2. Pozzolana cement
  3. Oil well cement.

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